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The March 19th alley meeting has been canceled.

The Easter Egg Hunt at Deca Park in Fife, Saturday April 11th, has been cancelled by the City of Fife.

We started off the last meeting with Kid Friendly jokes.

Two hats are hanging on a hat rack. One says to the other, "You stay here.  I'll go on ahead".

Two muffins are in an oven.  One says to the other, "Boy, it's hot in here".  The other said, "Wholy Cow!  A talking muffin!"


q There are 10 cats in a boat. One cat jumped out of the boat. How many cats are left?

a None, they were all copycats.

q What kind of singers are in Yellowstone Park?

a Bear-a-tones

q What kind of flower gives the best kisses on Valentines Day?

a Tulips

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